Another Installation, another happy customer

Case Studies

Another Air Source Heatpump Installed, Another Happy Customer!

In January 2023 we replaced a failed Vokera ASHP with a replacement 14KW Mitsubishi Zubadan

At the very beginning of January 2022 we received a call from an older gentlemen who was experiencing issues with his existing air source heatpump which was installed about nine years ago.

The customer had no heating at all and was very concerned.  We visited his property and after some diagnostic work realised that the compressor had failed.  With the unit being old and spare parts not readily available (spare parts were coming from Italy!) the customer took our advise and decided to invest in a new ASHP.

All our installations are carefully considered, designed and installed using skilled engineers and premium brands.  In this instance we installed a 14KW Zubadan utilising the customers existing cylinder.

Our lovely customer is now not only warm but happy in the knowledge that being part of our maintenance and servicing plan his system will be regularly serviced.

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