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January 2017 - Hershel Infra Red Heaters Case Study
Installation carried out at a local primary school. The brief was to install lighting, heating and power to three cabins keeping running costs to a minimum so a highly efficient heat source system was required with minimal installation time. The power available was limited so Herschel Infra Red Heaters were the perfect solution. The heaters ranged from 850 watts ceiling mounted, timer/thermostat controlled for an area of 21 square metres in the two larger cabins to 600 watts ceiling mounted, timer/thermostat controlled for an area of 13 square metres. The cabins were also provided with LED lighting at 15 watts each, along with LED emergency lighting and smoke detectors and power points for small devices such at laptops etc.

Latest News

Latest News

There is more to electrics than you think!

Most people think of electrics as just those plug sockets in your walls or the lighting in your ceiling but it involves so much more that. There is so much that needs to be looked after to ensure it is working correctly and reduce the risk or faults and fires that is not seen. At CP Tokley Electrical we work on full and part rewires for old and new houses, wiring up new extensions or loft conversions, adding or removing sockets, installing appliances and hot water system electricals, upgrading lighting to LED or power saving options, the list is endless. If it involves electricity then we do it. We also cover emergencies for both residential and commercial buildings. So if you need an Electrician with years of experience you know who to call.


Light up your dark nights?

The nights are drawing in, the weather is turning colder so lets talk lighting. Security lights with automatic sensors are great for lighting dark areas down the side of property, back gardens and driveways. Those that are mains wired are much more reliable than solar or battery operated products. Solar lighting does not tend to last and batteries operated systems need changing often (normally when its raining!) Electric lighting can be operated by switch inside your home. So no standing in the cold fiddling with screws to get at batteries! Call CP Tokley Electrical today to book your installation.


Get your garden ready for Autumn…safely.

Did you know that 41% of men in the UK have had an accident using electrical equipment such as lawnmowers and hedge cutters? They are also much less likely to read safety manuals with 18% of men saying they would not read them at all.

In the UK 300,000 people are injured each year in the garden using electrical equipment. Don’t take the risk. Read the safety instructions first. Use circuit breakers which cut the supply of electricity. Don’t use any equipment with frayed or damages wires. If using heavy equipment or at height make sure you are not alone. Even better, get your gardening equipment checked out first by CP Tokley Electrical, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 


What is a ‘Periodic Inspection’ and do you need one?

The answer is Yes! Everyone should have a periodic inspection of their property. This involves a qualified electrician carrying out a full inspection of your property at regular intervals. The time between inspections as a guideline is as follows:

  • 10 years for an owner-occupied home.
  • 5 years for a rented home.
  • 3 years for a caravan
  • 1 year for a swimming pool.

Other times when a periodic inspection should be carried out are when a property is being prepared for letting, before selling a property or buying a previously-occupied property.

So what does an inspection involve? An inspection will reveal  if any of your electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded and could pose a potential electric shock risk and fire hazard. The Electrician will identify any defective electrical work and highlight any lack of earthing or bonding. Tests are also carried out on wiring and fixed electrical equipment to check that they are safe. A schedule of circuits is also provided, which is invaluable for a property. Once concluded you will be issued with an Electrical Condition Report (EICR).

CP Tokley Electrical can complete these reports for all types of property, both domestic and commerical so call today to book yours!


Electrics and Older People

Electrical Safety First says that there are 1 million people over the age of 75 living in the UK with homes that are in electrical disrepair and as such are vulnerable to electric shocks, power cuts, fuel poverty and in extreme cases a possible fire hazard. Many do not have smoke alarms which adds to the problem. Many have lived in the same house for years and do not know when to assess and repair electrics.

If you have an older relative or know someone who may be vulnerable speak to them about getting their home checked out for peace of mind. CP Tokley Electrical can carry out assessments on electrical sockets, lighting, fuse boxes and wiring across the home. Where needed changes can be made to make the property safe so your relative or friend stays independent and safe. Call today on 01206 430221 or 07802 360381.


Kids and Electricity don’t mix!

It’s easy to become complacent around electricity with children. As adults we all know the dangers but children think they are invincible or just don’t know the dangers, they are kids after all. At CP Tokley Electrical we can carry out safety electrical checks on sockets, lighting and electrical appliances for your peace of mind. You may have a new baby or are first time parent and not sure how to electric proof your house. We would be happy to help. In the meantime, some basic tips from include;

  •  Don't rely on socket blanking plugs for your child's safety. Regular sockets are generally safe and socket covers will not prevent electric shock if the installation is not safe.
  • The only way to be safe from a fatal electric shock and reduce the risk of fire is to have RCD protection, either in the fuse box or as a plug-in.
  • Keep appliance cords out of the reach of children, especially those connected to hot items such as kettles, irons, hair straighteners or hairdryers.
  • Never leave an unconnected appliance cord plugged in and switched on (for example, a mobile phone charger). Young children may be tempted to put the end of the cord in their mouths.
  • After a bath or shower, you should make sure your children are dried off thoroughly before they go anywhere near electrical things like games consoles – water and electricity can be deadly.
  • This also means not letting your kids run straight from the paddling pool into the house where there are plugs, sockets and switches. Get them dry first.
  • Keep drinks away from TVs, DVD players, stereos, speakers, computers, games consoles and anything else electrical


Have you got an Electrics checklist?

We all have ‘To Do’ lists for jobs around the house. This normally consists of tidying the garden, cleaning out the kitchen cupboards or sorting out under the stairs. So what about an electrical ‘To Do ‘list. This is not as daft as it sounds. Most people do not make basic visual checks of their electrics. So what is more important, making sure under the stairs is tidy or that cable to the TV is not frayed or exposing wires? Makes sure you complete your electrical ‘To Do’ list every few months. This can include the following:

  • Check that you have RCD protection in your fuse box.
  • Make sure that your plug sockets are not overloaded.
  • Ensure that plugs and sockets are not damaged.
  • Check that visible cables and leads are in good condition.
  • Check that your light fittings are not visibly damaged.

If you do find something that is not right or needs looking at call CP Tokley Electrical to fix it for you. Never attempt to do this yourself. 


Are you a Landlord?

In the UK landlords have a responsibility to their tenant when it comes to electricity supply in the property. Most landlords are very aware of the require around UK law and abide by the rules for themselves and the safety of their tenants. Unfortunately, some do not and this can have dangerous consequences.

You may be a new landlord, just starting to rent your property and are not sure of your obligations. All property should be inspected on a regular basis and always before a new tenant moves in. There are also specific requirements for building with multiple occupation. have a great website which highlights the main points for landlords to be aware of when renting out their buildings. Don’t leave it to chance, make sure your property is safe and call CP Tokley Electrical to complete all your safety and maintenance checks for you.


Student Digs - Make sure your kids are safe.

Each September thousands of teenagers and twenty somethings go off merrily to university to start a new independent life. Student digs used to be notorious for not being kept up to standard. Times change and now landlords have to keep to regulations around electrics in the property but there are still ways to keep your young person safe away from home.

Check out for good advice on electrical checks to make in new accommodation including smoke alarms, not overloading sockets and what your landlord is obliged to do. 


Electrics keep tripping? – Find that fault.

Do you turn the kettle on and the electrics trip? Kids charge their phones at the same time through that extension lead and the electric trips out? When your electrical supply cuts out in your home, known as ‘tripping’ then there is a fault somewhere that needs addressing.

At CP Tokley Electrical we can carry out a faulty finding assessment to see what the root cause of the tripping is and then correct is quickly and most importantly safely. Normally it is down to a faulty electrical appliance that just needs replacing but sometimes the fault is in the main wiring itself or the main fuse box and thats where the professionals need to be called. At CP Tokley Electrical we will call on you in an emergency if needed so if your electrics won’t come back on or just keep tripping and you don’t know what to do, give us a call.


Having an extension, conservatory or loft conversion?

Many people are making home improvements, needing more space for growing families or wanting to add value to their homes. One way of doing this is to add an extension, conservatory or loft conversion. All extra building work is going to need an electrical supply which is completed to current Part P regulations which CP Tokley Electrical can carry out for you.

It is key that all your electrical needs in your new room are future proof so thinking about what appliances will be used in the room, how will the room be used, is it for a study, bedroom or somewhere for occasional use. This will help you to decide how many sockets to have, types of sockets and where the supply should be placed. CP Tokley can help and advise in this process. So if you are planning new building work give us a call.


What does Part P mean?

You may have heard the term ‘Part P’ if you are looking at having electrical work completed on your home or business. In 2005 the Government introduced electrical safety rules into the Building Regulations for England and Wales. This means most fixed electrical installation work in homes must, by law, meet the building regulations. Part P states that anyone carrying out electrical installation work in a home must make sure that the work is designed and installed to protect people from fire and electric shocks. Part P applies to any changes made to existing installations, including any parts that have been rewired. In April 2013 further changes were introduced, reducing the range of electrical installation work that is notifiable - removing some requirements in kitchens and outdoors.

CP Tokley Electrical is Part P registered so we know what can be carried out, what requires notification to the council and the certification process. All the work we carry out complies with Part P regulatory standards and we deal with ‘the red tape’ for you, saving you time, hassle and money. 


Surge Protection – What is it?

Sometimes a property can experience a surge or spike in electricity supply. This is very short, normally less than a second. The surge can range from a couple of hundred volts to millions of volts. An electrical surge can occur due to lightning strike, power returning after a power cut, contractors cutting a pipe or turning on a large appliance for example. A Surge can destroy the micro components in many electrical appliances, both large and small. So what can you do? If buying a new extension lead or internet lead purchase one with a surge protection unit. At CP Tokley electrical we can also install a surge protection unit to your main supply which protect the whole property by limiting the electrical supply during a spike. Call today to find our more.


Oh No…No Hot Water!

We all wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom and expect hot water from our taps and nice warm radiators in the colder months to keep the chill from the door. Typically peoples hot water and heating system tends to breakdown in the cooler months. Most heating systems nowadays run of an electrical supply from the boiler, through the pipes to the thermostats on the wall. So we all rely on our electrics for our hot water systems to work properly. Sometimes they do breakdown which is where CP Tokley can help.

We can fix your electric fault to get your hot water and heating system up and running in no time. We specialise in working on all types of electrical water system so give us a call. 


Sockets, Sockets, Sockets…..

Plug sockets, TV sockets, Aerial sockets, USB sockets. We seem to be needing more and more power outlets in our homes and businesses as we rely more and more on technology for everyday living and in our places of work. This is fine as long as the sockets are not overloaded with extension leads and multiway plugs.

It is much better and safer to have more sockets installed and especially those that can complete multiple tasks for you. Double sockets which can support two mains plugs for a lamp and telephone which also have USB outlets for charging a mobile phone and an IPad are great for making the most of your electrical supply without having rows of sockets, cables and leads to contend with. At CP Tokley we can install additional sockets, upgrade those you already have and check the wirings and safety of your sockets at the same time. So get in touch today to find out more.


Light up your Life!

The correct lighting can make a room cosy, bright, warm or cool, it’s up to you but choosing the type of lighting source is key to achieving the mood you want. Most lighting comes from some kind of electrical source whether it’s from a plug socket or switch on the wall. So when it comes to changing or updating the lighting in your home it’s time to call an electrician to ensure that the switches you have are in good working order, ceiling fittings are installed properly or wall lighting is checked.

The range of lighting to choose from is huge. There are recessed lights for kitchens, wall lights, floor or track lighting, chandeliers, adjustable height lamps and touch sensitive lighting to name a few. Then there are dimmer switches, double switches, chrome and brass finishes, the list is endless. Whatever your purchase, the next call needs to be to a reliable electrician who can install your lighting safely.

CP Tokley Electrical can install your new light fitting and switches to light up your home! Call us today!


What causes an electric shock and how to prevent it happening.

If there was an electrical emergency at your home or work would you know what to do? What would you do if someone got an electric shock? We all use electrical equipment from the moment we get out of bed in the morning and can take this source of power for granted but it can be dangerous. Electric shock can be caused by any of the following:

  • Faulty appliances
  • Damaged cords or extension leads
  • An electrical appliance coming in contact with water
  • Faulty household wiring

At CP Tokley we can carry out a full safety assessment of your home and appliances to minimize the risk of electrical accidents like shocks or electrical fires. We can tell you how to use your electricity supply safely like not overloading power sockets, leaving equipment running for too long or overheating appliances. If you have any concerns about sockets, lighting or wiring in your home give us a call today!


Keeping your business running – Electrical support.

Commercial business, private or public sector, schools and offices all rely heavily on electrical equipment to keep things running. From whole school lighting to USB sockets for office suites, from large scale industrial machinery to the kettle in the staff room, they all need electricity to function. Most of us have been at work in a power cut and work simply stops.

Regular inspections, PAT testing, upgrading equipment and wiring are all part and parcel of running a business or keeping an enterprise operational. Today it’s not only businesses that have to keep a check on the financial bottom line, schools, care homes and local councils have to balance the books too making savings where possible.

CP Tokley can help keep the costs down with energy efficient lighting, money saving heating installations and cost effective electrical wiring and sockets. Specialising in both large and small scale projects we can help. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you and how much money you can save.


Does your Spark really know their stuff?

We all know that electricity is something not to be messed around with so most of us have the sense to bring in the professionals. But how do you know that your Electrician is qualified? Unfortunately, there are many trades people out there who claim to be fully qualified, time served Electricians who are not what they claim to be.  Electricians carrying out installation work in England and Wales have to keep to Installation & Building Regulations.

DON’T BE SHY! - As a consumer you are entitled to ask for certification and proof of training and registration of any official body or association. Many Electricians carry a card with proof of their registration and competency in Part P. You can also ask for references from previous customers.

At CP Tokley we are certified, time served and are always up to date with current IEE legislation certified by City & Guilds of London Institute in Electrical installation work. In addition, we are NICEIC registered domestic Installer certified. CP Tokley Electrical is also certified and registered with the Joint Industry Board as an Accredited Installation Electrician. If you need electrical work carried out or a quote, please give CP Tokley a call.


How to know if your house needs rewiring.

We all know that the electricity running through our homes is via an intricate wiring system incorporating metres and metres of wiring, a fuse box, sockets and switches. It is used day in day out, through the night, constantly year after year. So when does it start to wear out and when does it need replacing. Most houses built before 1984 are not ‘earthed’ which can increase the risk of electric shocks. Take a look at sockets and switches to see if they get hot when used, are there any exposed wires anywhere? Is your fuse box mounted on wood, if it is then the wiring probably dates back to the 1960s.

CP Tokley specialise in carrying out rewiring surveys to assess the need for a rewire in your home of building. This could result in a recommendation for a partial rewire, replacement of the fuse box or a complete overhaul. So give us a call to arrange a wiring survey today.


Electrical Fires - Don't take the risk

There are around 20,000 electrical fires a year in the UK, 2500 injuries and 45 deaths (Government Office of National Statistics UK). Scary statistics you will agree. At CP Tokley we are strict on safety, our team is fully trained and qualified to install, replace and update all types of electrical circuits and products. It may be tempting to save some money and complete a DIY job on your electrics but is worth becoming one of those statistics? 

Cooking appliances, electrical supply including wiring, cabling and sockets, washing machines, tumble dryers and lighting make up over 90% of electrical fires in the home. So if you are thinking of installing yourself, don’t! If the appliance isn’t working properly don't investigate, get it checked properly. Let the experts do it and give CP Tokley Electrical a call.


Turn your garden into an extra room with lighting!

There is now a huge range on the market of external lighting for our gardens, patio and decking areas, so how do you choose? Solar lights are becoming very popular but if you want something more reliable so you can control the atmosphere of your seating area where you are relaxing then wired lighting may be more your thing.

CP Tokley Electrical can install mains lighting, solar lighting, pond or water feature lighting, you name it we can install it. It is essential to have all electrical lighting installation carried out by qualified electricians. There are additional elements to be considered for external lighting from the type of unit used must be for external use to take into consideration the unpredictable British weather. Our team can advise, design and install so give us a call to discuss your requirements.


Technology overload?

Smart phones, iPads, laptops, kindles, e-readers....the list is endless! Our houses are becoming full of technology we love but they all need charging on a regular basis. This leads to the usual scenario of trying to find a plug socket, removing a plug, forgetting to change it back and the frustration builds until now.

CP Tokley Electrical now install USB plug sockets allowing you to keep your stereo, TV or lamp plugs in place and still be able to charge your phone or tablets whenever you want. No more finding your phone not charged because someone else in the household has put their device on charge instead, so everyone is kept happy.

It is essential that these sockets are installed by a fully qualified electrician due to the increase in circuitry and voltage changes required. Our team can check your sockets and wiring to ensure these sockets are safe to use and the electrical system in your home or office can incorporate these new sockets. If we find that the electrical system needs upgrading to accommodate the new sockets we can complete this for you too.

So if you have had enough of trying to find a spare socket for your charger give us a call on 01206 430221 and let CP Tokley Electrical solve your charging frustration today!





Domestic, Commercial or Industrial Rewiring

The wiring in your home or business is an essential part of your whole electrical system, its the foundation of all your electrical output so needs to be checked and kept in good condition on a regular basis. Many people neglect the electrical wiring in their homes, a case of out of sight out of mind. 

If the property is more than 25 years old or you have any concerns about the condition of the electrical wiring, you can arrange for C P Tokley Electrical Colchester to perform a full safety inspection. Our qualified electricians will conduct a thorough assessment of the condition of the electrical installation in your property and provide a report listing any defects which need attention. Our team can give your property a complete rewire or partial upgrade depending on what is needed and the current condition of the building. Any remedial work can be arranged to be repaired for a fixed price and a Certificate of Electrical Compliance issued.

How to determine you may need a rewire

The most common symptoms on a home more than 25 years old are:

  • Loss of power in short intervals when using many appliances.
  • Old electrical fuse boards, Note - you may find older homes with new circuit breaker switchboard, this is still not a good indication the home has been rewired.
  • Porcelain fuses too hot to touch.
  • Wiring clipped to floor boards or around architraves and not protected.
  • No earth at lighting points.
  • No earthing at power points.
  • Electric cables in original metal conduit that has been disturbed.
  • Lights flickering at night when using appliances.
  • Safety Switch tripping will be frequent with older homes due to cable insulation breakdown.

For a full safety inspection, call C P Tokley Electrical Colchester on 07802 360 381



“I have used Colin’s services many times and am always satisfied with the cost, timing and finish of the electrical installations, I have no hesitation in recommending his services to other customers.“

Daryl, Director, KaiserRushforth Ltd.



CP Tokley Electrical are proud to be associated with a number of local schools and colleges as their chosen electrical company.

The needs of electrical capacity in educational buildings is increasing all the time. Practically every lesson from primary school through to high schools and onto colleges use some kind of technology that requires an electrical input. This could be from pupils using iPads to complete their work to the teacher using an electronic whiteboard to teach the class.

Our team are able to install complete electrical cabling across whole classrooms to accommodate multiple computers, laptops and other electronic devices including surge protection and mitigating any possible overload of the system. We have experience in providing electrical design that can increase in capacity over time so that when demand for more sockets occurs the system can easily be expanded. This future proofing of school buildings can save money in the long term by adding to the existing system and not stripping out and starting from scratch.

CP Tokley Electrical can also carry out annual PAT testing of electrical equipment from classroom computers to the kettle in the staff room so every school is a safe environment to be able to work and learn.

All of our electricians have clear and up to date enhanced DBS certificates available on request.

The DBS replaced the CRB system in 2012. This gives staff and parents peace of mind that all our electricians are approved to work in a school environment.

If you require an electrician urgently at your school premises or need advice on upgrading your electrical sytem, please give us a call today on 07802 360381.

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