The Curious Case of the Noisy ASHP

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PROBLEM: At the beginning of June we received a call from a concerned first time buyer. They were in the final stages of purchasing a new build property which had a Mitsubishi Ecodan ASHP. When they viewed the property it was making a loud noise…. As experts in the installation and maintenance of the Mitsubishi Ecodan units we were invited to firstly diagnose the problem and then to resolve prior to the sale of the property.

SOLUTION: As always in these circumstances we carried out our in-depth service of the system. We discovered typical faults often associated with the installation having NOT been carried out by an Approved Engineer. The biggest and most common problem was that the wiring centre had not been wired properly. This was causing the system to run constantly . There was no flush and fill point on any of the pipework and the system was completely void of any glycol (ASHP antifreeze). We corrected all these mistakes and now the buyers are in their new home thanks to us (without having to spend over £1000 to correct the errors on their system)!

Our expertise is often called upon in situations like this.  So if you are buying a property whether it be a new build or a property that has been retrofitted with an ASHP why not call us to independantly ensure the system has been specified and installed properly.  

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